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The dry season in Panama

Breezy at the beach

sunny 85 °F

Panama has two seasons, wet and dry. Dry season's official start date is December 20th. The rains stop and the winds start picking up. During the dry season the winds come from the north (the mountains) and usually offer a nice cooling breeze over the beach. However, some days the winds are like the chinooks coming out of Alaska and into Colorado. Today is one of those days...the wind is blowing like crazy, the windows are rattling and it takes both hands to pull the front door shut. At the pool and the beach the breeze is nice because they are protected by the buildings surrounding them. We've been told that the winds calm down in March. It's ok, we're happy with the weather conditions, a little wind and sun is much better that snow and freezing cold.

Earlier this month we went to Playa Teta (Tit Beach), not a nudist beach, it's just a name.IMG_4080e_..mapped-copy.jpg The beach is not a very busy one and a construction company sent one of their crews to the beach for a road inspection. They drove the pickup to far onto the beach and got stuck in the sand, burying the rear wheels the harder they accelerated. We tried to push them out but they needed a back hoe with a tow chain to get them out. It's kind of ironic that no matter where you drive in January you can get stuck, in sand or snow. IMG_4096e.jpg

Kryss and I usually walk Tashi every morning on the beach that is in front of our building. We're gone for about an hour and on most days if we see and / or talk to over six people we're amazed. As beautiful as this place is, there is no one here. On the weekends there will be more people on the beach and more of the homes, apartments and condo are occupied but as far as fulltime use it is minimal. It's hard for me to understand why people go the crowded beaches of anywhere else in the world when they could have their own private beach in Panama. But, to each their own.IMG_4530e.jpg

On Thursday and Sunday afternoons (4pm-6pm) a group of ex-pats of all ages and abilities gather at the Bahia beach for two hours of friendly volleyball. The first time I went I just watched and took a few pictures. Now, I'm playing and this week Kryss is going to start playing too. If Nate, Rob, Alissa, and Megan were here we'd have a hell of a good team and time. It's all six on six with sides changing after each game, usually there are three teams so everyone gets to play and sit on the sidelines, drink beer and take a few pictures. IMG_4502e.jpgIMG_4408handse.jpg

Speaking of games...we had a Super Bowl Party at our pool. About 80 people attended bringing a variety of potluck items from Thai soups to Chocolate cake. There were two football squares games, a $1 and a $5 game. Kryss won one the first quarter of the $5 game and brought home $100. She said that is going into her shopping fund for new clothes when her sister gets here this weekend. I guess the expression about "throwing a game" will have a new meaning after the way it ended. Was it a bad call or a throw?

We were advised on Monday that our application for permanent residency in Panama has been approved and now we need to return to the Immigration department, pay $120 each and be photographed for our residents cards. In five years we will be able to apply for citizenship in Panama, if we so desire. Right now just having our "E" cards is enough for us.

The Baldwin's are arriving this Friday for a month. Lots of touristy things planned, including the Canal, Casco Viejo, Bocas del Toro, Boquete and a few stops in between. Looking forward to their visit, plus they are bringing us a few things that aren't available in Panama.

Hasta luego amigos

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