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Rainy Season

There is still sun out there.

rain 74 °F

We had been told that Panama has two seasons; Rainy and Sunny or Wet and Dry, take your pick they're both the same. I prefer rainy and sunny because on many of the rainy days it is still sunny and pleasant. IMG_2033e_edited-1.jpgIMG_2013e_edited-2-copy.jpgToday, however is a different story, it is wet, gray, damp, cool and more rain. Really, I shouldn't be complaining since my SIL and BIL in Aurora, CO have snow and a chilling 1degree Fahrenheit and many of our friends in North America are getting clobbered by the first winter storm. So, we are inside wearing shorts and golf shirts vs. the normal swimsuit and t-shirts.

Last week was Panama's Independence Days celebration. November 3-5 and 10 are the actual holidays for Panamanian workers. The days vary because when independence was first realized from Spain and the Columbia different areas of country got the word at different times, thus the different days. The last of the independence days will be November 28th. Our Panamanian neighbors spent most of weekend celebrating with their families at the beach, the weather was great! About a mile from our residence there is a huge open field with narrow dirt roads leading up to the field. That was the place all the young rockers and salsa fans spent every night during the holiday. The music and partying would start at about midnight and stop when the sun came up around 6am. The last night, the AM of the 5th, the party got so loud that it woke me up. I sat on our balcony watched the activities and almost like vampires as the sun started to crack the horizon seventy-five to one hundred cars loaded up and headed home.

We had another cool experience last week, the arrival of the full moon. Our balcony was a perfect place for one of my best, in my humble opinion, moon photographs reflecting over the Pacific. Using a tripod, a shutter remote control, a 500mm lens and a bunch of experimenting the image was captured for perpetuity. IMG_2173e_edited-4.jpg The cloudless sky was perfect for the rising moon but as soon as the moon got to ten o'clock the clouds floated around and in front of the moon ending the perfectly clear night.

Two nights prior to the full moon and during the Independence Days celebrations a very cool rain, lightning and thunderstorm rolled into the area. There were no fuego artificiales because of the storm. However, Mother Nature provided an excellent show. We had lightning strikes as near as two miles and as far away as twenty. Using my AEO photography lightning tracker a bunch of very cool images were captured. IMG_1950e_edited-1.jpgIMG_1932e_edited-2.jpgIMG_1914e_edited-1.jpg

We've found an SUV that seems to meet our criteria and hopefully in a few days we'll be driving it and return the rental. More details on that when the deal is done. Also, next week we're off to Panama City and the American Embassy to get our Panama drivers licenses. Something new and different every day. Hasta pronto amigos.

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We made it!

New home, familiar surroundings, new adventures

sunny 85 °F


That is our view from our south facing deck. Since Panama lays east and west in our world we look directly south to the Pacific Ocean. Sunrises to the left and sunsets to the right. Depending on the time of year we can see the Big Dipper and North Star early in the evening and by ten o'clock we can see the Southern Cross.

This is our fourth trip to Panama. Each of the previous trips brought us closer and closer to the country, the people and the lifestyle of Panama. We decided to sell our house in Colorado, put possessions in storage, sell our cars and try living in Panama for an extended period of time. Our previous trips had introduced us to the wet season (May-October) and the dry season (November-April) now we will experience the transition from one season to the other and decide if the weather is a factor in our decision to stay or go. The average temperature is usually about 85 degrees but will fluctuate a little bit during the peak of both seasons.

We have leased a three bedroom condo in the Playa Coronado community. IMG_9570arrowe_edited-2.jpgMost of the residents of the building are Panamanian who work in Panama City and only come here for the weekends. Last weekend was the celebration of the Jewish New Year and the place was very busy. Now, there are only about 24 occupied condos out of 175. It's very quite and very relaxing. We've been told the next busy weekend will be November 1-4 which is a celebration of Panama's independence from Columbia.

We have incredible views from our condo, the constantly changing clouds, the color of Pacific, the rolling tides and the varying sand colors of the beach make every moment a new memory. The sunrises and sunsets seem to be new artist palettes daily. IMG_9580e_edited-1.jpg

In the next couple of days we will be going into Panama City to visit the Immigration Department to get our Retiree (Pensionado) Visa. This is an on going process that we started before we left the states and will continue for a few more months. Once this is completed we will have permanent residency in Panama. However, we will not have Panama citizenship.

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